ShulianRatings: Rating results, CAP and NVT?



Focusing on platform public chains, Ethereum must be mentioned due to its popularity and market share. But still, it has many competitors. Today we briefly compare Ethereum with Stellar, Nem, Lisk and Stratis, who are quite potential as well. 

Our final rating results are derived from five dimentions: team strength, project value, market development, community activity and code quality. The table demonstrates that the market cap rank is strictly correspond to our rankings, in other words, our ranking is strictly positive with market cap and trading volume. This shows that our rating results are compliant with market choices.

Then we go on with some interesting data. 

“Net value to transaction ratio measures the dollar value of cryptoasset transaction activity relative to network value. This is a simple way to compare how the market prices one unit of on-chain transactions across different networks.” (

In other words, a low NVT value indicates the token/coin is underestimated, while a high NVT value suggests some overestimation. The graph above shows that Ethereum obtains the lowest NVT value but still higher than BTC. LSK ranks 3rd with a NVT value of 254.82, which is lower than that of XEM (414.25), though XEM ranks higher according to market cap. What is conspicuous is that XLM obtains an extremely high NVT (43239), this suggests a huge overestimation of XLM. The risk of holding XLM should thus be particularly aware of.

For specific information of Ethereum, Stellar, Nem, Lisk and Stratis, please read our rating reports.   


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