7月2日晚6點,DeFi七點鐘社羣迎來第125期分享嘉賓Richard Parris,[email protected],分享主題:助力波卡Web3.0生態聚集新一代基礎架構Saito





先簡單介紹下 Saito 是一個面向使用者的 Web3 開放網路層,Saito 上的應用可以在沒有封閉外掛、沒有私有 API 或在開放基礎設施的情況下執行。Saito 在 4/22 日已經在 Polkastarter 完成IDO,並在 5/29 上線 交易所。

目前 Saito 推出的去中心化遊戲場已經在海外市場大受好評,今天我們特別邀請到 CEO 來與我們分享 Saito 上線至今的成績,和未來的動態!

Final question, what is your plan for the rest of 2021, and are there any upcoming events or good news that you can give us a sneaky peek?

我們先聊下2021 下半年的計劃,和最近有沒有什麼即將到來的活動或好訊息可以先告訴大家的呢?

The web3/Polkadot engagement is right around the corner, which is huge.This both gives users a chance to use Polkadot Ecosystem tokens in applications on the Saito network, it also provides developers with a template for simply integrating Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem parachain tokens into applications on Saito.

Web3/Polkadot 的參與即將到來, 這既讓使用者有機會在 Saito 網路上的應用程式中使用 Polkadot 生態系統的token,也為開發者提供了一個很好的例子,用於將 Polkadot 和 Kusama 生態系統平行鏈token簡單地整合到 Saito 上的應用程式中

We are also excited to have announced earlier this week the Elrond have also partnered with us to provide the same benefits to developers in their ecosystem.

我們也很高興在本週一宣佈與 Elrond 達成戰略合作,為其生態系統中的開發人員提供相同的便利

What is Saito long-term vision and ultimate goal, and what benefits can these goals bring to users?

Saito 的長期願景和最終目標是什麼,這些目標能給使用者帶來什麼好處?

If you think about it - there is something special about any cryptocurrency wallets you have on your phone - compared to any of the other apps.


If you don't like a wallet you are using - you can change. You have the seed or keys, you can delete the wallet - install another one and import your keys.

如果您不喜歡正在使用的錢包 - 您可以換一個。您有種子或金鑰,您可以刪除錢包 - 安裝另一個並匯入您的金鑰

The wallet developer - and company behind it can't trap you.

錢包開發商 - 及其背後的公司無法決定您用什麼

You can't do that with 美團 or 微信 or any other app on your phone.


This is what web 3 is about - your chats, emails, short videos - should be yours…

這就是 web 3 的意義——你的聊天、電子郵件、短影片——都是屬於你的......

Saito lets Developers create apps that give you this. AND, it creates an on chain economy that lets them get paid - without trapping and keeping your data.

Saito 讓開發人員在其網路上建立應用程式。並且,它創造了一個鏈上經濟,讓他們獲得報酬 - 不會獲取或保留您的資料

You talked a lot about the Web3 Foundation grant this year, what has happened with that?

可以和我們分享下關於 Web3 基金會的資助的事麼?

I am really happy to say we have submitted the work for Milestone One of the grant and had it accepted. We can now call ourselves ‘Web3 Foundation Grant Recipients’!

很高興地和大家分享,我們已經提交了里程碑1並已被接受了。我們現在可以稱自己為“Web3 基金會資助接受者”!

This is great because it demonstrates Saito’s ability to support Polkadot ecosystem projects build infrastructure that ‘keeps them web3’.

這表明了 Saito 有能力支援 Polkadot 生態系統專案構建“保持 web3”的基礎設施

We have some great announcements and activities coming out around this soon. Giving a little away, we will be showing off Dot Ecosystem token support in Saito’s online wallets and in the arcade.

我們很快就會發布一些重要的公告和活動。我們將在 Saito 的線上錢包和遊戲中展示 DOT 生態系統token支援

This is a powerful demonstration of how websites and apps built on Saito can support tokens from other chains.

這是構建在 Saito 上的網站和應用程式如何支援來自其他鏈的token的有力演示

In great news this week we have announced a similar collaboration with Elrond. Work will begin soon on enabling use of Elrond ecosystem assets.

本週的好訊息是,我們宣佈了與 Elrond 的合作。將很快開始啟用 Elrond 生態系統資產的工作

Hello Richard, this must be your second time visiting our community, we still have a lot of new members don’t know about Saito, so can you briefly introduce Saito?


Hello, Richard 這應該是您第二次來到七點鐘社羣,我們社羣還是有許多新朋友對 Saito 感興趣,可以向大家介紹下 Saito 嗎?

Saito is an open network layer that delivers web3 to users. What we mean is that where people often think of blockchains as a database or datastore, Saito is a blockchain as network.

Saito 是一個將 Web3 交付給使用者的開放網路層。通常,人們將區塊鏈視為資料庫或資料儲存,而 Saito 則是將區塊鏈視為網路。

This is important because for all the decentralisation and trustlessnes in ETH/Polkadot/NEAR - all of these ecosystems relay on web 2 (client server) models to connect to users.

這點很重要,因為對於 ETH/Polkadot/NEAR 中的所有去中心化和去信任化——這些生態系統都是基於 Web 2(客戶端伺服器)模型才連線到使用者。

Saito is a blockchain and a new kind of network. Saito is not Proof of Work or Proof of Stake (or any other “Proof of” system). Saito consensus is completely new, and pays for nodes in the network to collect user transactions and route them into blocks.

Saito 是一個新型區塊鏈網路,既不是 POW 也不是 POS(或其他「證明」機制)。Saito 的共識機制是全新的,它為網路中的節點付費來收集使用者交易並將其路由到區塊中。

This provides a real, profitable business model to node providers that breaks the ‘data for access’ web 2 business model.

這為節點提供商提供了一個真正的、有利可圖的商業模式,打破了「資料訪問」Web 2 的商業模式。

We know that Saito has some core strengths: efficiency, high security, low cost, user-friendly, etc. Saito is decentralized to enable micropayments, social, games, and other use cases. As a regular blockchain user, or as some developers, how can we participate in Saito? And just another question by myself, can we run a node for the Saito network to make earnings?


我們知道 Saito 區塊鏈網路具有一些特質:高效、高安全性、低成本、易於使用者參與 等特質,Saito 以去中心化的方式實現了微支付、社交、遊戲等等用。作為普通區塊鏈使用者,或是一些開發者們,怎麼樣參與 Saito?我們可以執行 Saito 網路嗎?

Saito is different to other blockchains, Saito creates a business model for anyone who can attract users and their transactions. The most profitable nodes in the Saito network will be the ones providing the best access to users.

Saito 與其他公鏈不同的是,Saito 為任何可以吸引使用者及其交易的人建立了一種商業模式,其網路中最有利可圖的節點是為使用者提供了最佳訪問許可權。

There are lots of great ways to participate now - and they are fun. Join the community on the arcade ( ) or in the social channels, try things out and provide feedback.


If you are a dev is the place to go. We are looking for contributors in both the Rust and node.js implementations.

如果你是開發者,你可以在這裡 找到志同道合者並在 Saito 上搭建應用。我們正在尋找 Rust 和 node.js 的貢獻者,歡迎加入我們。

Mostly, dive deeply into our learning materials. We think they will change how you think about blockchain. And everyone knows that the early adopters do the best in the blockchain space.


Can you share with us about Saito's progress 2021 Q2? For example, some cooperation with other projects, or new product pipelines?


可以與我們和大家介紹下 Saito Q2 的進展嗎?比如一些振奮人心的合作,或令人興奮的產品迭代?

This last few months has been very busy and productive for the team. We have obviously run a successful IDO and listings, bringing Saito to ever more people.

過去幾個月,我們的團隊非常忙碌並且在技術進展上頗為顯著。我們已經成功進行了 IDO 和上所,將從而你讓更多人認識到了 Saito。

Importantly our community has grown really pleasingly and we have a lot of great activity in our social channels and on the network itself. (Not a lot of people realise there is P2P chat and forums available on the right now.

過去一個季度,我們的社羣發展速度非常驚人,在社交媒體上舉辦了很多使用者參與度高的活動。 上現在已經有了 P2P 聊天和論壇(。

A big part of this is the ambassador program which is really helping us connect with our community. Regular office hours where founders are available in Telegram, and regular updates.

此外,我們的全球大使計劃有效地幫我們與社羣建立聯絡,同時兩位創始人也會在 Telegram 中與社群使用者日常互動,並做定期更新。

We have established partnerships with Crust, StackOS and just recently Elrond. These all form a big part of our growth strategy moving forward and we hope to add to this list.

在合作伙伴方面,我們已經與 Crust、StackOS 以及 Elrond 建立了戰略合作伙伴關係,這些都是我們未來實現全面增長的重要組成部分。

On the development front - work is moving quickly on the Rust ‘datacenter ready’ mainnet node implementation. This is a big project for us given above.

在技術方面,Rust 的「資料中心就緒」,主網節點實現工作也在快速推進。這對我們來說是一項重大進展。

And maybe most importantly we have submitted Milestone One of our web 3 foundation grant. This is a big step and makes Polkadot ecosystem currencies available on the saito arcade and in generally.

最重要的是,我們已經提交併獲得了 Web 3 基金會 Grant 的第一個里程碑。這一進展,使 Polkadot 生態系統上的token可以在 Saito 遊戲(和 中普遍使用。

(We recommend using Westend test net tokens to test things out.)

我們建議使用 Westend 測試網路token。

We will have announcements over the next week on how to get involved with this.


You just mentioned about “Arcade” and we‘re interested to know how many active users Arcade have? How do we get involved in Arcade? Can players get $Saito incentives for playing games on Arcade?


您剛剛提到了 Arcade(Saito 的遊戲平臺)我們想知道目前 Arcade 上大概有多少使用者?我們怎麼去參與 Arcade,或是說使用者到 Arcade 玩遊戲可以獲得 $Saito 激勵嗎?

The arcade is handling about 35,000 transactions a day. As we are web 3 we don’t track users individually, but we see hundreds of wallets a day active on the network.


Saito Arcade 每天處理約 35,000 筆交易。Saito 網路是 Web 3,所以不會單獨跟蹤使用者,但我們每天會看到數百個錢包在網路上活躍。

Right now that arcade is on our Canary Network and reward tokens are not permanent. As we move to Mainnet this will change.

現在 Arcade 在我們的 Canary 網路上,獎勵token不是永久性的。隨著我們轉向主網,這將有所變化。

Early adopters have been allocated main-net tokens as part of an earlybird rewards program and we plan similar programs in the future.


One of the most rewarding things you can do with Saito is understand it and how it is changing the industry.

Saito 正在為整個區塊鏈行業的發展做出努力和貢獻,歡迎大家深入瞭解我們。


1.Will Saito adjust its development strategy based on China's regulations?
We are a global project. And one focussed on technology. Of course we have seen the impact of the recent clarifications on the regulations in China. I hope these along with other forces help the industry mature. For us, the more people concentrate on blockchain design and fundamentals the better.

2.Hello, what functions do you think Saito is most likely to become a core competitiveness in the future? What do you think is the future direction of this project? Or which field do you prefer?
Saito can do things that PoW and PoS systems cannot do. So we don't have trouble differentiating ourselves.Anyone who wants to build cool user facing apps and services can use Saito as infrastructure. That is our killer proposition.
3.Web 3.0 is a large scale. What's Saito's plan concerning this?
This is a great question. In some ways Saito is like a toolkit - people ask 'what can you do with it' and it's hard to be specific - 'anything'?
這是個好問題。在某些方面,Saito就像一個工具包--人們問 "你能用它做什麼",這很難具體說明--"任何事情"?
We are focussed on fixing market problems that break web3. How to provide massive infrastructure without needing web 2 business models....
4.Where to buy your token?

Uniswap, Gate, Bkex...

5.How does Saito view the blockchain market? What are the different views on this market?

I think the market is maturing - away from meme coins and speculation, toward looking at utility...Maybe that's 'wishful thinking'..
我認為市場正在走向成熟--遠離meme幣和投機,走向看重實用性......也許這是 "一廂情願 "的想法...




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