How to use TTSwap on imToken


ThunderCore is a public chain compatible with EVM. The goal of it is to build an efficient and secure decentralized public chain.  imToken now supports the ThunderCore chain with a function of custom node that allows users to freely use various DApps and tokens on ThunderCore.

TTSwap is a leading decentralized exchange on the ThunderCore chain. The Automated Market Maker (AMM) of TTSwap deployed on ThunderCore. TTSwap allows users to exchange different tokens on the Thundercore chain, provides liquidity to the pool and creates pairs.


How to switch to ThunderCore node on imToken

1. Open imToken wallet, click "My Profile"  at the bottom right corner. Get into " Settings" and "Node Settings" in turn.

2. Select "ETHEREUM" in the "Node Settings" then choose "Custom RPC".


3. Select "Adding Quickly" and search TT in "Chainlist".  Then connect it to imToken Wallet to switch to the node.

4. Approve to add a node of ThunderCore. After the node is successfully added, you will get into TT asset page directly.

5. If you want to transfer your TT, select "Send" and enter the receiving address to transfer; if you want to receive your TT, click "Receive" and copy your wallet address.


Use TTSwap in imToken

1. Choose "Browse" in the navigation bar, and search TTSwap.


2. Approved the third-party agreement to use TTSwap.


3. You can use TTSwap to exchange any two digital assets that ThundCore supported and increase the liquidity of the trading pool.


Risk Warning: The content of this article does not constitute any form of investment advice or recommendation. imToken does not make any guarantees and promises for the third-party services and products mentioned in this article, nor assume any responsibility. Digital asset investment has risks. You should carefully evaluate these investment risks and consult with relevant professionals to make your own decisions.

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